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Flower preservation is Suspended In Time®’s specialty and preserving flowers and displaying them in a framed work of art is a unique way to show case a special moment or time in your life. No matter if you air dried your flowers yourself, if they are silk, freeze dried flowers, pressed flowers, or flower preservation done by Suspended In Time’s® drying method, we have a variety of frame styles, shapes and colors for you to choose from and each is custom designed to reflect your own personal style and budget!

Have you ever wondered about preserving flowers? Suspended In Time® offers Home Business opportunities so that you can do this too! Contact us for a free Home Business opportunities information packet today at 801-227-0075 or info@suspendedintime.com.

SIT80 Rosewood

SIT50 Silver Spray

SIT80 Black Matte

SIT62 Antique Silver

SIT46 Rosewood

SIT82 Matte Black

SIT80 Matte Black

SIT65 Silver

SIT64 Rosewood

SIT26 Silver Leaf

SIT44 Rosewood

SIT41 Silver Leaf