Why Choose Us?

bridal bouquet of multi colored daisies preserved in a shadow box

Superior Drying Method:

  • Drying only takes 3 to 5 days, which gives you a faster finished product turnaround time, which will help the franchise opportunity.
    • Competitors usually have an 8-12 week drying time.
  • Better shape and color retention due to less deterioration, making this superior to other methods.
  • We can dry any flowers or greenery.
    • Some flowers do take more work and freshness is always key.
    • Competitors have some flowers they cannot dry and usually replace all greenery with silks.

Revolutionary Machines:

  • Designed for minimal energy consumption
  • There is no special wiring for homes
  • No replacement or harsh chemicals needed
Suspended In Time® training and marketing materials


  • Specialty items that are made and used only with Suspended In Time®
  • Pricing includes everything and is in most cases significantly lower than competitors
  • Ongoing support in your business
  • Step by Step manuals, advertising manual, catalogs, logos and so much more provided
  • Minimal upfront costs in a profitable market
  • If you are looking to become a home based business, then contact us today! The franchise opportunities are endless!