Dealer Testimonials


“I added the floral preservation business to my existing flower shop and have increased my annual revenues dramatically.”

“My home-based business gives me the opportunity to sell something unique to a wide variety of customers.  It’s great to make money doing something I enjoy, and I can do it from the convenience of my own home.”

Dealer Testimonial #1
By Dorle Mattingley
Dried Flower Art, Suspended In Time® dealer

"I am thankful for the opportunity I have to work at home, preserving flowers. I am able to work my own hours and attend to my family and other responsibilities."

"A lot of time, hard work, motivation and determination have been necessary for me to be able to do my home business. I have learned that I have the capacity to go beyond what I thought I couldn’t do. This has been an educational experience that has made me a better person."

"Meeting with hundreds of people and getting to know a little about them has been fun. I have even developed friendships with some of them. The most gratifying part of the business is seeing the customer so appreciative and happy about the finished product. Sometimes I get a hug every now and then from them. That makes my day!!!"

Dealer Testimonial #2
By Beth Domsten

"Hi, my name is Beth Domsten and I am an authorized dealer of Suspended In Time® of Odessa and Midland. The first time I heard about Suspended In Time® was in November 2005 – eight days after my daughter’s funeral. I was searching for anything that could preserve the memories of my precious daughter. I would like to share with you the events that led up to me becoming a dealer with Suspended In Time.®"

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