Dealer Testimonial

Dealer Testimonial
By Brent Alldredge, St. George, Utah

Dear Suspended In Time,® Inc.

It has been a while since I availed myself of the opportunity to thank you and your wonderful staff for the support that you have given me and for this great opportunity.

The satisfaction of producing such a high quality product is in itself most gratifying, but to have the daily experience of seeing the captured beauty that only nature can produce (and only Suspended In Time® can preserve) is a joy that is hard to describe.

It is equally pleasing to see the reaction of our customers when they see their dried florals for the first time and realize that at that moment it becomes a treasure to them. How fun it is to have someone pay you over $350.00 and then thank you time and time again.

I really appreciate having a business that I can regulate to fit my needs. I can make as little or as much as I choose depending on just how busy I want to be.

Warmest Regards,
Brent K. Alldredge