Floral Preservation FAQ

What is Floral Preservation?

Floral preservation is the process that extracts moisture from the flowers, sealing the color and the natural shape. The colors of the flowers are deepened and enhanced, leaving them as if they were still standing in water.

All flowers are displayed inside a virtually airtight environment, which keeps the flowers protected from dust and other types of damage.

When and How to Order?

Contact the nearest franchise location to set up an order before your wedding (or other floral event) or let us know as soon as possible after the event. We recommend that you make a reservation deposit 3 weeks before your event to discuss flowers that dry the best, your own decor style, and to pick out frame and display options. If your event has already occurred act quickly, the fresher your flowers, the better. The sooner we receive your flowers the better the results, but it’s never too late! Please call the nearest franchisee to make arrangements as soon as possible.

Is All Preservation the Same?

Suspended In Time® has developed a revolutionary process of drying and preserving floral arrangements called the Suspended In Time® Blend method. We have been using this method since 1997. We have not found any method that has compared to the superior results of Suspended In Time® Blend. To our knowledge this is the only method available where your flowers can be dried and encased in 3 to 5 days. Because this method dries the flowers so fast, the flowers do not have the deterioration that other drying methods have. The flower color and shape retention is amazing with Suspended In Time® Blend. We have researched and use a special industrial sealing process with each encasement to keep air and humidity out. We use only the highest museum quality UV protection on all our frame and shadow box encasements to protect from light damage. You have to see our encasements to appreciate the quality and the professional, yet loving care that goes into every masterpiece. Pink roses are pink as the day they were picked. Yellow daffodils look alive. Carnations, lilies and roses are bright and colorful. Our encasements remain bright, beautiful and clean for years. For those once in a lifetime moments that you would like to hold onto, the beauty of the memory can literally be Suspended In Time.®

How Long does Floral Preservation Take?

Using our rapid flower drying process, your flowers will be dry in 3 to 5 days, and depending on the encasement you choose, your order should be complete in 2-4 weeks. Rush orders can usually be finished in 5 days.

For a rush order, call your nearest franchise for prices and to set up arrangements. Add additional time for shipping.

Can All Flowers be Preserved?

Yes! Compared to our method, most other flower preserving methods can only preserve certain flowers under certain circumstances!

Of course the age and condition of the flowers at the time we receive them will determine how well they preserve. Damaged flowers can be replaced. Make sure to ask your florist to use the freshest flowers possible in your arrangement.

How Long Will My Flowers Last?

Suspended In Time® specializes in heirloom quality preservation of floral memories that will last through the generations of time under normal conditions. It is up to you the customer to do your part in taking care of your heirloom. We include a complete "care instructions" with every finished product so that you will know how to protect and take care of it. As a general rule, unless your encasement has been dropped or mishandled, your encasement should remain beautiful. There are some care instructions that go along with your finished product, and they are: Never use any cleaning products on your frames or domes. Use only cotton cloths and water if necessary. Keep your encasement as far away from swamp coolers or other water sources as possible. Although we use UV protected domes, to protect from fading, we suggest you keep your encasement away from direct sunlight. We do not warranty against scratches, fading or moisture damage.

How Much does Preservation cost?

All our encasements are made from the finest materials available, many are custom made especially for Suspended In Time.® The cost depends upon the type and size of encasement you choose. Our pricing meets most budgets and is dependant on the size and style of the encasement you choose. We have options for you to choose in all price ranges. See our prices page for more information.

Compare our prices to framed art or other floral preservation companies. Our prices include everything!

Do Flowers Change Color and Can All Flowers be Preserved?

The age and the condition of the flowers at the time we receive them plays a role in how well they are preserved. Ask your florist that your flowers be as fresh as possible. Preservation will cause some color changes in your flowers. Some white flowers dry a creamy color and some colors, especially red flowers, dry darker. Flowers that are received in poor condition can be replaced at a minimal charge. Call your nearest Dealer for more information in regards to types of dried flowers.

How Soon Should I Get My Flowers To You?

As soon as possible after your wedding, funeral service, or special occasion. The fresher your flowers are, the better they will preserve. Do not hang your flowers upside down or put them in the freezer. It is best if you can keep them in fresh water and keep them in a cool place (not freezing!). Learn how to care for your flowers before preservation. Many of our Dealers have a pick up service if you are unable to get the flowers to us in time. Or, you may want to ship them to the nearest dealer. Learn how to ship your flowers.

How do I care for the flowers before they are dried?

Caring for your flowers before you have them dried is important so that you have the best finished product you possibly can. If possible, let your florist know that you will be having your flowers preserved. Have your florist use the freshest flowers as possible with out replacing any stems with wires.

Tip: Because red roses dry darker, Charlotte roses and Hot Lady roses dry a very nice shade of red.

Supply your bouquet with a water source to keep your flowers from wilting. For hand-held Bouquets clip the stems on an angle and place them in ice water in a cool spot, preferably a refrigerator. For Cascade Bouquets pour ice cold water into the oasis holder with a table spoon and place them in a cool spot, preferably a refrigerator. Try not to get water on the flowers.

Tip: Flower food packets can be added to the water to help your flowers look their best. You can get this at most grocery stores that sell flowers.

Bring any extra flowers from the wedding you may have (brides maids, table decorations or cake flowers) since some flowers get smashed or damaged during your event this way they can be replaced if needed.

Tip: For a groom's boutonniere, you may want to have two boutonnieres made, or before its time to meet and greet, remove the boutonniere and put it somewhere safe, since boutonnieres seem to get smashed the most. If something does happen to the boutonniere, we can recreate it for you.

If you need a pick up or to ship your flowers, contact us.