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Suspended In Time® Story

When MaryLee was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 1996 and at a particularly low emotional point in the long chemotherapy treatment process; her husband bought her a gorgeous bouquet of peach-colored roses. Being one who seldom bought flowers, because they always died so quickly, and dealing with death and dying herself, she found herself compelled to find a way for those porcelain peach roses to live! She wanted to savor the tenderness of that moment but realized it was not really possible. So she started working with the flowers and even though time couldn’t be preserved, she determined that the beautiful flowers which symbolized that special moment, could literally be "Suspended In Time®." After a great deal of experimentation and time, MaryLee developed the Suspended In Time® method of flower preservation. She believes working with Gods creations is truly uplifting and inspiring. Even more so, with her own family’s help, love and support, she has developed this business so that moms can stay home and be MOMS!!. From this adversity MaryLee has overcome her cancer as well as built an expanding floral preservation business.

Suspended In Time® began officially in 1997. MaryLee’s original intention was to provide in home businesses for mothers to earn an income and be home with their children. This dream has flourished to include not only mothers who want to be at home, but other businesses like florists, funeral homes and gift shops who want to add to their customer appeal and income.

Suspended In Time® has developed a revolutionary process of preserving floral arrangements such as bridal bouquets, anniversary flowers, funeral memorials, etc. This is not a Freeze Dry Method. This preservation process only takes an average of 3-5 days to complete. Because this method dries flowers so rapidly, they have little deterioration and better shape retention and color than other drying methods. Pink roses are pink as the day they were picked. Yellow daffodils look alive. Carnations, lilies and roses are bright and colorful. The end result is preserved flowers that look alive and natural as if they were still standing in water.

Having the opportunity to be your own boss and owning your own business is definitely one of the best things about Suspended In Time®. This business is rewarding because you get to work with many different situations in people lives, from brides who want their bouquet to become a beautifully encased heirloom for them and their posterity to widows who appreciate the lasting memory flowers of their loved one. One of the most gratifying parts of the business is seeing the customers so appreciative and overjoyed about each unique finished endearment.

Whether you’re interested in a home based business opportunity or want to add a franchise to your storefront, this is a great opportunity. Click to request more information on this rewarding Business Opportunity or call 866-756-0059 today!

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