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Love Never Dies

12688195_10153848889580930_7093004005881858795_n[1]Love never dies, which can make it hard when those you love leave this Earth before you. Celebrate their life by bringing their flowers, pictures, and memorabilia to Suspended In Time® Flower Preservation. Our lovely encasements will keep the sweet memory of your loved one close. Call us at (801) 227-0075 for more information and for a dealer near you.

Happy New Year


Hello friends! It may be snowing outside my window right now but inside the office it’s spring. With eternally fresh flowers galore! I found this beautiful bouquet on our files and wanted to congradulate all those who are braving the wintery weather to get married this week! Don’t forget to bring your flowers into Suspended in Time© call us at (801) 227-0075 to find a dealer near you!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone! We are working hard over here at suspended in time to stay up with the Christmas rush. We love the flowers that have been coming in and are glad that some of our work will be used as gifts this season! It may be a little late to get in your flowers encased for Christmas gifts but do not fear. The encasements make great “just because I care gifts” (whether you are giving them to yourself or your friends!) So bring your flowers in to Suspended In Time®! Call us at (801) 227-0075 for a dealer near you!


Christmas is Coming!

100_6032I have already been blasting the Christmas music for weeks and cannot wait to start decorating the house! Is it still too early? Who knows. What I do know is that Suspended in Time Flower Preservation can help you save your flowers in ornaments to hang on your tree and are cute enough to stay out on a decorative stand all year. The ornaments make great presents for friends and you’ll want a few for yourself as well! At least I know that I do! Call us at (801) 227-0075 to find a dealer near you!

My Summer Sky

12227135_10153687770545930_3993204845763488127_n[2]I am so glad that blue popped up in so many boquets this season. It reminds me of the sky, mostly the vibrant, clear, blue summer sky (which is always a welcomed rememberance as it only continues to get colder). This bouquet must hold even more joyous and unique memories for the lovely bride than the perhaps cliché summer sky it brings to me. I hope she remembers her wedding day every time she sees her beautiful flowers! We love flowers down here at Suspended In Time® Flower Preservation and would like to help you make your flowers and memories last forever. Call us at (801) 227- 0075 to find a dealer near you!

As The Old Saying Goes… A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

Jenna boyd take 75This is my favorite encasement of the week. I love the formatting of the invitation and pictures. The pictures were adorable by themselves, when added with everything it was too perfect! When you bring in your flowers to Suspended In Time® Flower Preservation bring in your invitation and some pictures as well! It adds to much to the bouquet, don’t you agree? Call (801) 227-0075 for a dealer near you! We can’t wait to work with your flowers and see your cute pictures!

We’re in Love!

Marcia Dickerson (5)Marci brought in her lovely bouquet to the crew at Suspended In Time® Flower Preservation. When she came to pick up her encasement a few weeks later she left this testimonial with us, “Beautiful. Looks just like the day of the wedding. I’m impressed with the original colors etc.” Well Marci, we loved working with your flowers and think that they turned out wonderfully as well (not to toot our own horns or anything). We love what we do and would love to help anyone desiring to preserve flowers, wedding dresses, and so on. Call us at (801) 227-0075 for more information or to find a dealer near you!

Tea Time

september 25th editI adore tea cups. They are definitely my latest addiction. Knowing this, it should be evident why I love this encasement so much. Doesn’t this make an adorable gift for anyone. What a wonderful way to pass along the remaining pieces of the old family china! Come in to Suspended In Time® we can help you create a special keepsake. Call (801)227-0075 to find a place near you!

An Ode to Father

11825985_10153558236610930_1469724845701679449_nThe Giles family brought in the funeral flowers and some of their father’s favorite things after he passed away. There were pictures, face cards, coins, etc. I’ve never met Mr. Giles but from the memories his family brought, I know he must have been a great man. I’m glad that the family will have this encasement as a sweet reminder of their father. If you would like to do the same for a loved one bring in your flowers and memorabilia to Suspended In Time® Flower Preservation. Call us at (801) 227-0075 to find a retailer near you.

The treasure of a Jewelry Box

Landon and Whitney (17) (704x800)As a young girl I loved to play in my mother’s jewelry box. I would go through asking for the story of how she got this ring or who gave her that necklace. My mother’s jewelry box was a magical place. Make your’s memorable as well. Bring your flowers from any occasion (first anniversary, the day your baby was born, or great-grandma’s funeral) to Suspended in Time® and let your jewelry box tell a story. For more information or to find a dealer near you visit our website or call (801) 227-0075.

Preserve and Personalize Your Wedding Day Memories

4x6 jpegKathy DavisSuspended In Time® will professionally preserve your  bridal bouquet and other wedding memorabilia allowing those memories to  be cherished for a lifetime. Call (801)227-0075 to find a dealer near you or to learn how to own your own franchise.

Wedding Season is Here!

Jeanette Laflamme copyThe Suspended In Time® drying and preservation process helps to keep every aspect of the bridal bouquet looking as gorgeous as the day it was made, not only for a short time, but for generations to come. Call (801)227-0075 for more information on how to dry your flowers or learn how to own your own franchise.

Love Lives On–Suspended In Time Funeral Flower Preservation

Love Lives On
P10100353Those we love are never really lost to us – we feel them in so many special ways – through friends they always cared about and dreams they left behind, in beauty that they added to our days… in words of wisdom we still carry with us and memories that never will be gone… Those we love are never really lost to us – For everywhere their special love lives on.

Contact-Suspended In Time® today to discuss your preserved funeral flower keepsake. Suspended In Time Flower Preservation call (801)227-0075 to find out how to own a franchise or to find a dealer near you.