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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone! We are working hard over here at suspended in time to stay up with the Christmas rush. We love the flowers that have been coming in and are glad that some of our work will be used as gifts this season! It may be a little late to get in your flowers encased for Christmas gifts but do not fear. The encasements make great “just because I care gifts” (whether you are giving them to yourself or your friends!) So bring your flowers in to Suspended In Time®! Call us at (801) 227-0075 for a dealer near you!


Christmas is Coming!

100_6032I have already been blasting the Christmas music for weeks and cannot wait to start decorating the house! Is it still too early? Who knows. What I do know is that Suspended in Time Flower Preservation can help you save your flowers in ornaments to hang on your tree and are cute enough to stay out on a decorative stand all year. The ornaments make great presents for friends and you’ll want a few for yourself as well! At least I know that I do! Call us at (801) 227-0075 to find a dealer near you!

An Ode to Father

11825985_10153558236610930_1469724845701679449_nThe Giles family brought in the funeral flowers and some of their father’s favorite things after he passed away. There were pictures, face cards, coins, etc. I’ve never met Mr. Giles but from the memories his family brought, I know he must have been a great man. I’m glad that the family will have this encasement as a sweet reminder of their father. If you would like to do the same for a loved one bring in your flowers and memorabilia to Suspended In Time® Flower Preservation. Call us at (801) 227-0075 to find a retailer near you.

My Summer Sky

12227135_10153687770545930_3993204845763488127_n[2]I am so glad that blue popped up in so many boquets this season. It reminds me of the sky, mostly the vibrant, clear, blue summer sky (which is always a welcomed rememberance as it only continues to get colder). This bouquet must hold even more joyous and unique memories for the lovely bride than the perhaps cliché summer sky it brings to me. I hope she remembers her wedding day every time she sees her beautiful flowers! We love flowers down here at Suspended In Time® Flower Preservation and would like to help you make your flowers and memories last forever. Call us at (801) 227- 0075 to find a dealer near you!

Diane Karren and Her Little Brigham’s Memory Encasement

Diane Karren,

Says, “I was more than pleased”, when talking about an encasement she had done at Suspended In Time.  The story behind her encasement is that of her little Brigham who passed away.  She says, “Our little Brigham who passed away last August had a beautiful, perfect little body.  We were able to have a mold done of his little hands and feet.  “Suspended in Time” created a beautiful memory for us to always remember our sweet baby.”

Diane Karren and Her Little Brigham Memory Encasement