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Evelyn O’Dell Encasement for Her Much Loved Son Brent O’Dell

evelyn Llewelyn2


Evelyn O’Dell came in and had this wonderful encasement done for her son that had passed. Upon picking it up she wrote a lovely testimonial, “I was “wowed.” I love it. Customer service has been more than great — it was tremendous. Very patient and caring. Thank you.” And thank you Evelyn for being a pleasure to work with. Call 801-227-0075 for more information about getting this done or starting your own business.

Diane Karren and Her Little Brigham’s Memory Encasement

Diane Karren,

Says, “I was more than pleased”, when talking about an encasement she had done at Suspended In Time.  The story behind her encasement is that of her little Brigham who passed away.  She says, “Our little Brigham who passed away last August had a beautiful, perfect little body.  We were able to have a mold done of his little hands and feet.  “Suspended in Time” created a beautiful memory for us to always remember our sweet baby.”

Diane Karren and Her Little Brigham Memory Encasement