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Janet Davis’s Daughter-in-Law’s Wedding Bouquet

4x6 jpegacrylic with mirror bottomThis beautiful bouquet was done by a mother-in-law for her new daughter-in-law as a gift.  Upon picking it up this is what the mother-in-law had to say: “I was very pleased with the service.  The bouquet came out beautifully.  I know my daughter-in-law will be so happy.”~Janet Davis.  We are glad it turned out so great,  thank you for your comments and for being such a great customer.  Wishing you and your new daughter-in-law much happiness in the years to come.  If you would like to learn more on how to preserve your flowers call (801)227-0075 to find out more and find a dealer near you or to find out how to own your own franchise.

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Bridget Fielding Wedding Bouquet

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“The flowers look beautiful! The quality is excellent & I’m excited to always have my lovely wedding flowers in my home:).” ~ Bridget Fielding ~ Her Mother also wrote down a testimonial for us, “Gorgeous, Simply gorgeous! I’m very very please with the outcome.”

Suspended In Time Tips for Brides

See what we can create so you can remember your special day for years to come!  Check out number 9 on the list and see what we can do for you!  Utah Valley Bride included us in the 2013 Bridal Magazine in the section titled “It’s The Little Things”–“10 Head-To-Toe Tips For Your Dolled-Up Day!

 Utah Valley Bride 2013 10 Head-To-Toe Tips For Your Dolled-Up DayAshley 34

Utah Valley Bride 2013 Magazine Ad Campaign


Honoring the lives of those we love!

When I first decided to have this made, I was uncertain how it would turn out and how it would make me feel.  The end result was so far beyond my expectations.  Suspended captured the essence of my mom, and displayed her memorabilia and flowers in such an endearing and heartwarming way that it lifts my spirits every time I see it!  They absolutely captured who my mom was in the arrangement.

~ Angela Fenton ~

Beloved Mother

Beloved Mother