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“Aloha!” isn’t the only way to say “Hello” and “Good-bye”…

If you’ve ever traveled to Hawaii, you’ve probably worn a Hawaiian lei. Leis are a beautiful way to welcome or send off visitors, friends, and family.  In Hawaii, they’ve long been used as people come to and from the island, but did you know that they also use them as graduation gifts?  This tradition is spreading.  It is now not uncommon to see high school and university graduates wearing graduation leis, especially in more diverse areas.

Graduation leis are great gifts that are easily personalized to include meaningful flowers and/or colors.  If there are no stores that sell them in your area, try making your own.  All you need are flowers (typically orchids or carnations), a long needle, and some sturdy thread.  If threading carnations, cut the carnations right between the stem and the bottom of the bud, then stick the threaded needle into the bottom center of the bud and out through the middle of the top of the carnation.  Push the carnation down the thread and continue until you have enough to make a complete lei.  It really is that easy!  Spray with cool water and put in the fridge in a large zip locked bag until graduation day.  Now you have a unique, beautiful gift!

If you would like to preserve your graduation gift as a lasting memory of all your graduate has accomplished, you can get your lei preserved and encased (along with the diploma, optional) by a professional service such as Suspended in Time Flower Preservation Company®.  Learn more about their revolutionary drying technique at www.suspendedintime.com.