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Graduation and Prom Ideas

4x7 fixed prom

Special Life Events

There are many life events like, school dances, recitals, awards, graduations, baby blessings etc. All of these deserve special commemoration. If the moment is important to you, preserve it. Colleges and school memories and pictures are prefect to put in a shadow box as a perfect graduation gift! We also offer a christening gown display box for after your baby’s blessings.

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Interview With Suspended In Time Flower Preservation Rachelle Adams

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Do you want to dry your wedding bouquet but don’t want it to get dusty or damaged. Bring it in to Suspended In Time(R)! You can chose from hundreds of different styles of encasements to put your preserved bouquet in that will keep it protected for years. Some of our most popular encasements are our rustic pine shadowboxes. They come in all different sizes and several¬† different colors such as black, white, green, rosewood, walnut and oak. We also have our new modern shadowboxes that have a flatter frame and give off a more modern look.¬† Because of all the room you have in a shadowbox, you can even add other memorabilia like a garter, boutonniere or even your wedding cake knives. Come check out our showroom! Your sure to find the perfect frame that with match you flowers beautifully.