Get to know the Suspended In Time, Inc. employees

MaryLeeMaryLee has worked for Suspended In Time ever since before it began!  In the Spring of 1996 she had just finished her 28th treatment of radiation for breast cancer, it was her birthday and her sweet husband  brought her a beautiful bouquet of porcelain peach roses.  She was very pleased.  She hardly ever bought flowers because they died so quickly.  After dealing with life and death realities for such a long time, she wanted those flowers to LIVE!!  She started experimenting with the flowers themselves.  She wanted to always keep them and feel of the love that had come with them.  Now, after nearly fifteen years we have a full blown business named Suspended In Time, Inc.
MaryLee is the owner of Suspended In Time, Inc. and what she most likes about working at Suspended In Time, Inc. is the fact that our method of drying is so exceptional.  The flowers are dry in three to five days, the flowers do not have time to deteriorate!  When preserved, the flowers look as if they are still standing in water!  She also loves seeing the happy faces and joy when customers pick up their many special occasion flowers.  She also feels happy when we have fully trained individuals on how to do this business opportunity in their own homes or store fronts!  (At the price of an old used car, with four flat tires and all the windows knocked out)
Her favorite flowers are without question roses, daffodils, and lilies.  They all preserve beautifully with this method.  She even loves strange flowers she finds and dries from total strangers front yards, with their permission of course!  In the little free time she does have she loves being with her sweetheart and tending her sweet grandchildren.  She would also like to mention that coming to work is a sincere joy!  The people we work with are so good in their labors and have kind thoughtful personalities.  We also have several pleasant and fun loving Dealer’s across the United States that makes coming to work not even seem like work.

RachelleRachelle- Rachelle has worked at Suspended In Time, Inc. since it started in 1997.  She helped her mom set the business up.  Rachelle is the manager/owner and works with the contracts, bills and anything else that needs attention.  Most of all she loves the flexibility of working at Suspended In Time, Inc.  “It has fit into my family life, so that when kids are sick or have programs or things that I can still be available”, she says.  She also loves seeing the finished encasements and how happy these make customers.  Rachelle’s favorite flowers are tulips in any color.  In her free time she loves to read and scrapbook.  But most of all she loves spending time with her family.

ShelleyShelley- has worked at Suspended In Time, Inc. for seven years this coming April.  She is the training coordinator.  She trains new dealers to understand and apply the concepts of our method of floral preservation, marketing our product, and setting up in home businesses. What she most enjoys about working at Suspended In Time, Inc. is teaching, writing the newsletter, and having the opportunity to exercise our creativity with this medium.  She loves working with our staff at Suspended In Time, Inc.”Everyone is so accommodating and pleasant.  Each person has their domain and is very accomplished and helpful.  The dealers who have trained here have been fun to work with even after they are back home and call us for support once in a while.  It is great working here at Suspended In Time, Inc.”   Shelley’s favorite flower is alstormerias.  Her favorite thing to do in her free time is to actually have free time!  She loves reading and watching movies (you know, chick flicks)  Probably the thing she most enjoys besides her son, is family history.

Tiffiny and LidiaTiffiny- has worked at Suspended In Time, Inc. for a little over two years.  She works as the warehouse receiving and shipping specialist.  She most enjoys working at Suspended In Time, Inc. because of the variety of jobs that she does.  Sometimes she is on the computer answering e-mails and invoicing orders, and other times she is inspecting frames, shadowboxes, and table domes for quality.  She can be found packing the dried flower encasement materials for shipping.  Sometimes she creates the ads for our business.  She also loves the people that she is able to work with.  They are all so kind and fun to be with.  Tiffiny also likes that she can bring her daughter to work with her.  She can be a mother and help provide for her family!  It’s perfect!  Spending time with her husband and daughter are what she most enjoys doing in her free time.  She also loves watercolor painting and watching movies.  Tiffiny’s favorite flower is all flowers, especially the bright colored ones!

IreneIrene- has worked at Suspended In Time, Inc. for two and a half years.  Irene works at home as our information services specialist.  She loves the people that she works with and the flexibility of working from home.  “I can get up and walk and take a break and then go back to work”, she says.  Irene’s favorite flowers are Tiger Lily’s, but she likes the fun bloom and butterfly bush flowers too.  In her free time she enjoys a good book and working on scrapbook stuff.  She loves being out in her yard, it’s good therapy for me she said.  She enjoys the mountains even though she can’t hike anymore.  She also enjoys doing community service as much as possible.  Irene is also a ham radio operator for BYU.

JamieJamie- has worked at Suspended In Time, Inc. for one year.  She is the technical assistant, and does a little bit of everything.  Her favorite thing about working at Suspended In Time, Inc.  are the people!  She has made great friends working here.  She also loves the hours she works.  She loves working with the flowers.  “It’s a great feeling when a customer has a huge smile on their face when they see their encasement for the first time.”  It is very rewarding.  Jamie’s favorite flower is the Sunflower, or Gerber daisies.  She loves to spend time with her family and they love to travel.  She also likes to read and have a craft or project of some sort to do.